Can we fight against baldness?

Beware of the miracle products that are supposed to make you find a beautiful hair in just a few weeks. You will continue to lose your hair, but also your money. It would be best to use treatments with minoxidil or propecia. Wash your hair at the same time with a shampoo that contains ketoconazole. However, limit yourself to only one or two shampoos a week to prevent your hair from becoming brittle and dry.

Another way to keep a healthy hair is to eat better. Avoid eating fatty foods such as frying as much as possible. Choose foods that contain iron…

Consider having a hair transplant

Drug-based or shampoo-based treatments can give results on hair loss. However, it will not solve the problem regarding regrowth hair. The solution that might be suitable in this case is hair transplantation. The techniques have evolved well in recent years. Hair transplant is one of the best medical treatments for baldness.

The effect is more natural and you even have the choice between two procedures. The FUT consists of taking a scalp strip from the donor area. But then you will have a small scar that will only be visible if you have short hair. If this small detail bothers you then choose FUE. The hair will be directly removed from the back of the skull which is the donor area.

Wear a hair prosthesis

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