7 Photos To Test Your Intelligence


#4 Space Photo

This photo is relatively easy, however, you need to keep going back and forth between the two with your eyes because there is so much detail. You need to check if every plant and every star are in both of the photos. You also had to check if the monster in the sky was the same in both pictures and even the boy on the spaceship. I did he have the same face? Did he have the same hair? It can give you a headache after a while. The answer is actually with the hole in the front of the boy’s spaceship. The hole on the left is much smaller than the hole on the right. If you were lucky enough to set your gaze there the first time, you may have gotten it right away. If not, I hope you enjoyed the back and forth that it took to finally spot the difference.


#5The City

This picture brings your eyes the towers on the building on the left. You may have started counting them. Even the train is suspect. You may have counted the windows on the train and checked to see if the cloud formation was different in one photo than the other. The actual difference between the two is in the upper right-hand corner. In the photo on the right, there is a plane in the sky. In the photo on the left, there is no plane. If your eyes went directly to the top of the photo, you got it right away. Your work is not done yet, however. There is actually a second difference in this photo. In the clock on the left, it is 10 minutes before 10:00. In the photo on the right is it 4:00. Since the other photos contained just one difference, this one is a bit more tricky.

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