7 Photos To Test Your Intelligence


#1 Woman in Front of the Window


Both of these pictures look exactly alike. Most people’s eyes would stay up toward the woman and compare the scene outside, her hair, clothing, and even the curtains. If you move your eyes back and forth between the two pictures, they both look exactly the same. The difference is in a place where your eyes would not naturally gaze to first, the floor. The real difference is at the right of her feet. In the photo on the left there is no mouse hole and on the photo on the right, there is one.


#2 Engineering



This one is a bit harder of the photos to test your intelligence because there is so
much detail in the photos. Like the photo above, the difference between the two
photos is the green mechanism to the bottom right of the screen. Like the photo
above, your eyes won’t naturally fall on the bottom of the screen because there is so much detail to look at in the top of the photo. Don’t be surprised if this one took you a long time. It does for most people. Most people will automatically focus on the three holes in the machine above the green mechanism. Even the temperature on the thermometer is suspect. You also had to count all of the bolts and brackets. The blue hoses in the photos also had to be compared. Where there any missing in either photo? Where they the same length? Where they the same color? This one is very tricky. There is so much going on in the photo that each little detail needed to be checked to be sure that you didn’t miss anything.


#3 The Mona Lisa

This is one of the hardest pictures to find the difference. If you look on the left side of the woman, you will notice that the background goes down much further right by her arm in the photo on the left than it does with the photo on her right. It is very subtle, but its there. Most people look for a difference in her smile, a change in her eyes, and you may have even counted her fingers. These photos take a keen eye to spot the difference.

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